Welcome to Yellow Telephone’s new website

Yellow Telephone specialises in top quality corporate gifts, corporate clothing, printing, branding, signage and sports clothing.

We’re happy to welcome you to our new website, which showcases our amazing talents and abilities by way of the gorgeous products we supply to South African corporates.

If you don’t know yet, Yellow Telephone offers a whole trunkload of corporate gifting services, which is one of the best ways for your company to engage in impressive brand building.

In case you’re not familiar with our services, here’s a handy refresher of the products we supply:

  • Corporate gifts
  • Corporate clothing
  • Printing, branding and signage
  • Sports clothing

That means we’re your full-house corporate branding solution!

So what’s the next step if you’re looking for top quality corporate gifting and branding?

Why, you should contact us for a quote for your branding needs!

But our fantastic range of services won’t mean a thing if it’s not backed by our superb service and customer dedication.

So you can rest assured that you not only get the best corporate gifting, corporate clothing, printing, branding and signage and sports clothing; you also get it done quickly and efficiently.

Visit our contact page now or simply fill in the form on this page to get hold of one of South Africa’s top corporate gifting and branding companies.

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